Here is an overview of the fiction works written by Andrea Shapiro.



The Goldilocks Quotient- unpublished

Aimless wandering may have worked for Goldilocks who strolled through the woods, looking for a just a right chair or bowl of porridge or bed. However, in this contemporary version of the story, The Goldilocks Quotient, Abby discovers her Just Right only when she finally trusts her inner voice. She finds a balance between true love and satisfying work as she develops self-confidence and independence.


Perpetual Motion- unpublished

Perpetual Motion is a contemporary YA novel about family, growth, and relationships, set against the backdrop of life, death, and wilderness survival. Caleb is a seventeen year-old boy who tackles the near-impossible journey of thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail to create the possible and learns that life will always be about transformation.



Einstein's Birthday Surprise- published 2014-Humpty Dumpty Magazine

Einstein is an octopus who learns that a friend is the best gift of all.